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04/09/2018:  Still catching up to get site features up to date.  Classic Plastic video programming should be reworked sometime this week to the new archive.  Additionally Davy's Anime Archives will have its reformat completed within the next two weeks as well.  This time of the year my focus is more on the upcoming local anime convention and cosplay work.  Unrelated to, but if anyone would like to see more of that then head over to

03/03/2018:  We've been lagging behind with keeping the index updated lately.  Huge apologies for that.  As more attention is paid to The Retrogaming Times, there has been less of a push to develop content for David's Video Game Insanity.  This is a good thing however, as in turn it means the content will reach more people.  Even the master list section of DVGI needs to be retooled as I've massively reduced the amount of my gaming inventory over the years, preferring to move to flash cartridges.

Unfortunately this update is to talk about more stuff that is going to be removed.  Essentially the Classic Plastic video programming will be removed shortly and reworked into an index of InsaneDavid's YouTube content.  Classic Plastic The Show never really had the push behind it that it needed and the desire to make more of what it is really isn't there.  Davy's Anime Archives is still in a period of transition and I do believe it'll become more of an otaku blog of sorts more than anything else.  It'll still be a plain html page because I like the full and simple control, but will be more along the lines of general content and musings.

Bob Seger Thursdays is slated to come back as the YouTube blocking of most of Mr. Seger's music seems to have eased up.  Although an attempt will be made, it may not occur every week, but it should get rolling with more regularity.

But it's not all sadness and changes.  The thirteenth issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.  Go check it out as The Retrogaming Times staff has put together an excellent issue as always.

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