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08/18/2017:  Some changes to the main index here as the long defunct chat room link has been removed.  Additionally we've backed away from an interconnected link exchange with other sites.  The site FAQ will be updated to reflect this change shortly.

07/27/2017:  We've been playing a bit of catch-up around here lately.  The main index here and our flagship sites have been pretty dead as of late.  This is mainly due to a number of special projects pulling away from writing time.  Additionally when there is time to focus it tends to go into columns for The Retrogaming Times.  I still plan on reworking the Anime Archives heavily but haven't really gotten anything going on that front.  Additionally the 18th anniversary of Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is this month!  I still have plans for a few things but then that site will go back into a holding pattern - which is kind of the point of it anyway.

I also have a new project that will be launching in a couple weeks.  It will be hosted externally but an archive will be kept here.  More on that after it gets going.

07/01/2017:  The ninth issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.

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