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Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions for - these are both answers to common questions that we are e-mailed with or answers to questions we haven't been asked but probably eventually will.  For the most part hosted sites are maintained by just one person, InsaneDavid.  If you have a question not answered here then please contact him directly.  David will attempt to personally respond to every legitimate e-mail he is sent.  Now we'll quit wasting everyone's time up here and just begin...

Q:  What is "classic plastic" exactly?
A:  The name of this site, naa.. actually "classic plastic" is a term that came about in a chat room around 2000 or so when discussing NES games with a few friends.  I liked the phrase and filed it away in the back of my mind until eventually deciding upon using it as the name of my site.  Basically classic plastic is classic video game cartridges, most usually the NES, SNES, and Sega Master System.  Technically everything from the Atari 2600 up until the N64 could be referred to as "classic plastic" but for the most part it's reserved for the 8 bit systems, especially the NES since the cartridges are more plastic than parts.  Even disc based games can be considered "classic plastic" due to their data being embedded on plastic discs.  Additionally with how digital distribution is starting to become less "the way of the future" and more "the way of the now" classic plastic may one day come to represent nearly all modern physical media outside of books.

Since originally establishing the site it has grown to encompass many types of popular entertainment.  At its core that's what is about, entertainment and having fun.  This no longer relates simply to video games as we also feature music, animation, printed media, film and more.  As long as it has to do with having fun and being entertained, you can find it at and we're always growing.

Q:  When was established?
A:  Technically July 10th, 2004 was the official date that something was up here.  However is actually the continuation of a site I had been running for over three years, David's Video Game Insanity!! (DVGI)  I had multiple web projects and when it came time to pick a URL I decided that I would go the route of having a central hub and then simply have DVGI be the largest part of it at the start.

Q:  Then what is
A:  For the most part, just what was covered in the two entries above, a central hub for entertainment all hosted in the same place.  Although it began with David's Video Game Insanity!! we continued to add animation and music features and continued from there.  The core theme is everything here has to do with entertainment in some form.  In 2013 we launched the as a way to categorize interests throughout and abroad.

Q:  What is the
A:  The is a consistent branding you will find across all sites hosted at as well as our network partners.  Nothing changes, it's simply a small icon on each page that identifies it as part of the as well as the type of content that is primarily covered.

Q:  I have a site, how do I join the and what benefit does it provide?
A:  If you have an interest site that falls under one of our categories (Gaming, Anime, Manga, Film, etc.) and would like to be featured as part of the, then please contact us directly.  Being part of the network means that you get a direct link on the main index of in exchange for featuring the related small identity badge somewhere on your main index.  The badge should link back to, eventually establishing a network of interest sites with fun and entertainment in mind. identity badges look like this...

Other categories will come online over time and if you have a site that falls outside of what is currently established but are still interested, let us know.  The main benefit is free traffic sharing between different sites.  Over time the main index at will feature sites both hosted by as well as network sites hosted externally, re-establishing as what it was originally meant to be, a hub.

Q:  I noticed that your main site news hasn't changed for awhile, is your site dead already?
A:  No no no, I simply only update the site news when there's something new that effects the entire site or the site's core.  I continuously update David's Video Game Insanity as well as the other parts of the site as needed.  David's Video Game Insanity gets the most attention and it has its own information update area.  There is also an individual FAQ file for David's Video Game Insanity as well.  Just because things seem quiet on the main index doesn't mean that the feature sites are quiet as well.

Q:  I see something at the top of the main index about hosting The Retrogaming Times, what is that all about?
A:  In 1997 a free online retrogaming magazine called Retrogaming Times was launched and ran for many years before being discontinued.  At the time of its discontinuation, a number of writers for the magazine expressed the desire to continue on and Retrogaming Times Monthly was born.  I served as a Contributing Writer at Retrogaming Times Monthly from 2004 - 2013.  In early 2014, Retrogaming Times Monthly shut down and stopped publication.  In early 2016 the newsletter was revived yet again as The Retrogaming Times.  I am currently serving as Chief Editor and plan on doing so indefinitely.  I am also hosting the newsletter at although it is being contained and published as a wholly separate entity.  So while The Retrogaming Times is hosted here, while I am the Chief Editor, it really truly belongs to those who contribute to it.

Q:  How long do you plan on maintaining
A:  Indefinitely.  Features may come and go but I plan on having around for a long, long, long time.  Additionally David's Video Game Insanity will probably stick around as well.  David's Video Game Insanity is actually the natural progression of a number of small sites/pages from over a decade ago.  I suppose one could say I had been leading up to this for quite some time.

If you have any other questions or just want more information in general, please e-mail me at and I'll be sure to get back to you!

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