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Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions for - these are both answers to common questions that we are e-mailed or answers to questions we haven't been asked but more than likely eventually will be.

Q:  What is "classic plastic" exactly?
A:  "Classic plastic" is a term that came about in a chat room around 2000 or so when discussing NES games with a few friends.  I liked the phrase and filed it away in the back of my mind.  Amazingly the short-lived Game Crazy stores within Hollywood Video locations later used "classic plastic" as an advertising term for their retrogames.  Totally coincidental, no doubt, but it irritated me just enough to decide on using it as the name of my site once I decided to have a URL of my own.  The site launched with David's Video Game Insanity as its flagship destination, a general video game page I had maintained for many years previously via free site hosting.  Additionally it hosted a number of other smaller projects I was working on at the time, all of which were eventually discontinued.

Since originally establishing the site it has grown to encompass many types of popular entertainment.  At its core that's what is about, entertainment and having fun.  This no longer relates simply to video games as we also feature music, animation, printed media, film and more.  As long as it has to do with having fun and being entertained, you can find it at and we're always growing.

Q:  When was established?
A:  Technically July 10th, 2004 was the official date that something was up here.  However was first envisioned as a permanent home of a site I had been running for over three years at the time, David's Video Game Insanity (DVGI).  I had been burned in the past by the free hosting model many providers offered, DVGI was getting pretty big, and I didn't want to deal with having its hosting pulled out from under me.  I didn't want to limit myself specifically to DVGI when deciding on a URL so was decided upon as a hub.  I brought over multiple smaller web projects I had been working on, with DVGI the largest part of it at the start.

Q:  Then what is
A:  A central hub for entertainment all hosted in the same place.  Although it began with David's Video Game Insanity!! we continued to add animation and music features and continued from there.  The core theme is everything here has to do with entertainment and fun in some form.  In essence it is a collection of smaller fan sites in the spirit of the 1990's "fan site" era of the Web.  Focus here has shifted around a bit over the past 15 years but it's still all about fun.

Q:  I see something at the top of the main index about hosting The Retrogaming Times, what is that all about?
A:  In 1997 a free online retrogaming magazine called Retrogaming Times was launched and ran for many years before being discontinued.  At the time of its discontinuation, a number of writers from the newsletter expressed the desire to continue on and Retrogaming Times Monthly was born.  I served as a Contributing Writer at Retrogaming Times Monthly from 2004 - 2013.  In early 2014, Retrogaming Times Monthly shut down and stopped publication.  In early 2016 I spearheaded the revival of the newsletter yet again as The Retrogaming Times.  I am currently serving as Chief Editor with no plans of stopping.  I am also hosting the newsletter at although it is being contained and published as a wholly separate entity.  So while The Retrogaming Times is hosted here, while I am the Chief Editor, it really truly belongs to those who contribute to it.

Q:  How long do you plan on maintaining
A:  Indefinitely.  Features may come and go but I plan on having around for a long, long, long time.  Some of the sites here have been discontinued over the years, with others moving into an archival phase, but there's always something new down the road.  Additionally with The Retrogaming Times now hosted here, along with its massive Legacy Archive, count on being in it for the long haul.
If you have any other questions or just want more information in general, please e-mail me at and I'll be sure to get back to you!
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