Ultimarc I-PAC and J-PAC, Manual Input Programming

Simplified from instructions on the Ultimarc website

04-27-2013, for ClassicPlastic.net


The following can be used with any I-PAC2, I-PAC4, or J-PAC shipped after April 15th, 2002.

Use a PS/2 connection and have a PS/2 keyboard connected to the pass-through connector.  A USB keyboard will not work.

Loading Test / Program Mode:

Programming Keys:

Shift Function Programming:

Manual Input also features some menu choices for other features:

T enters TEST MODE.  If you press any button you will see a text display of the input that is being activated and the keycode it is set to, followed by the shifted code if one is assigned.  This can also be used for troubleshooting to see if there is a stuck or shorted input.  If an input is displayed but no control panel inputs are being used, then there is a connection issue.  To exit TEST MODE, press CTRL+ALT+P once more.

L displays a LIST of all inputs and the keycodes they are currently programmed to.  The list is in three columns.  The first is the input, the second is the keycode assigned, and the third is the shifted keycode (if one is assigned).  It will also show which input is marked as the function shift button.

E will EXIT the programming mode and save all codes.  This must be used to exit the programming mode as it will transfer the code changes from RAM to the permanent EEPROM.  Pressing "e" after regular key programming will will also accomplish this, a separate menu reload and exit is not required.

A will ABORT the programming mode and discard all changes.

R performs a factory RESET to default settings.  This will reset all codes to the standard factory MAME setup.  It is also useful for clearing a previously programmed board back to standard settings for reuse.

Special concessions and limitations:

Shift button designation cannot be changed via Manual Input and must be performed with an Ultimarc programming utility.

Keycodes which cannot be used:
Print Screen
Num-Pad "/"