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Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set

Release 5



The Tomy Tutor, its younger Japanese brother the Tomy Pyuuta and English cousin the Grandstand Tutor were early 1980's home computers developed by Matsushita Electronics.  While relatively unknown, the computer featured a 16-bit microprocessor and could be called a low-cost evolved version of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  The computer flopped in Japan, the UK as well as the USA but a few of us had run-ins with these pieces of hardware due to galactic intervention.  While in all honesty a lot could be done with a Tomy Tutor, the main attraction was its small library of games.

Up until very recently there really wasn't much of a serious drive to publicly archive the ROM data contained on Tutor and Pyuuta cartridges.  In fact for many years the only ROM archival dumps had been hacked and were not accurate images of the original cartridge content.  That changed in 2011 when clean archives of every US released Tutor cartridge, as well as many Japanese Pyuuta cartridges, appeared online.  Unfortunately this file wasn't hosted for very long and soon became very hard to come by.  With what little information there is on the Tomy Tutor spread across the Web (even the premier Tomy Tutor webpage is fairly disorganized) this project was created to maintain a current archive of Tomy Tutor firmware and cartridge images.  I created this archive because I grew up with a Tomy Tutor, it was the first computer I ever used.  I love my Tomy Tutor and more people should be able to experience its software library.

The goal of this archive is to provide a source where all the current Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta archival images can be preserved in the same place.  You don't have to join a forum, or pay to access a file service, or dig through a newsgroup, or go to a website with a thousand banner ads, or follow links just to find that they don't go anywhere, or know a secret handshake, or any of that.  This archive was created for those who would like to relive their days with the Tomy Tutor and others curious about the hardware.  Additionally I find a great deal of the secrecy surrounding the archival of this platform to be simply absurd.  The information and files should be out there, easy to find, easy to enjoy.  Please leave your air of entitlement at the door.  I pine for the day everything Tutor / Pyuuta is archived and a multicart can be manufactured.  Things are starting to get better as a serious push to archive the Tutor / Pyuuta software catalog has been in motion over the past few years.

No documentation was included with the original image archive that was used as the original backbone of this package.  As of Release 2, some of the newly added cartridge images were obtained from specific people.  These sources are credited at the end of this file, under the "Revisions Over Previous Versions" heading.  If you have any information about who provided any uncredited cartridges, created the backup images, anything at all then please e-mail me at  I would like to both credit and thank you.  I did not create any of these images, I am simply maintaining an archive.

How The Archive Is Structured...

Three folders should be in the archive.  "Archives" includes an individually zipped, virgin copy of each file in the archive package.  (if you need a program to unzip the files, I suggest 7-zip from  "BIOS" contains the 16k and 32k Tomy Tutor firmware as well as a .zip file with both files properly renamed for usage in MESS (Multi Emulator Super System).  "Cartridges" contains unzipped .bin images of every cartridge included in the archive.  MESS is NOT included in the archive and can easily be found online.  If you need help with MESS please search online and ask in the appropriate communities.

Please note that the MESS driver for the Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta was updated in MESS release 0.157 to include correct mapping for 32K cartridges, allowing Baseball to work correctly. You must use MESS 0.157 or later for all the cartridge images included in this release to work correctly.  Additionally as of MESS release 0.162, MESS and MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) have been combined into a single emulator, branded under "MAME."

List Of Included Cartridge Images by File Name...

File Name
Game Title
athland.bin Athletic Land Pyuuta JPN
baseball.bin Baseball Pyuuta JPN
battlefight.bin Battlefighter Pyuuta JPN
bermuda.bin Bermuda Triangle Pyuuta JPN
bombman.bin Bombman Pyuuta JPN
crawlers.bin Cave Crawlers Tutor USA
crzracer.bin Car-Azy-Racer Tutor USA
deepsix.bin Deep Six Tutor USA
donpan.bin Don Pan Pyuuta JPN
frogger.bin Frogger Pyuuta JPN
guttang.bin Guttang Gottong Pyuuta JPN
hyperspc.bin Hyperspace Tutor USA
jungler.bin Jungler Tutor USA
junglerj.bin Jungler Pyuuta JPN
lmotion.bin Loco-Motion Tutor USA
marinadv.bin Marine Adventure Pyuuta JPN
mazeptrl.bin Maze Patrol Pyuuta JPN
misattck.bin Mission Attack Pyuuta JPN
mrdo.bin Mr. Do! Pyuuta JPN
mstrinn.bin Monster Inn Pyuuta JPN
mysteryg.bin Mystery Gold Pyuuta JPN
nightfli.bin Night Flight Pyuuta JPN
pooyan.bin Pooyan Tutor USA
rescue.bin Rescue Copter Pyuuta JPN
saurus.bin Saurusland Pyuuta JPN
scramble.bin Scramble Tutor USA
scramblej.bin Scramble Pyuuta JPN
superbike.bin SuperBike Pyuuta JPN
torpedo.bin Torpedo Terror Tutor USA
trafjam.bin Traffic Jam Tutor USA
trafjama.bin Traffic Jam (Alternate) Unknown Unknown
tripl.bin Triple Command Pyuuta JPN
tron.bin TRON Pyuuta JPN
turpin.bin Turpin Pyuuta JPN
yoninmajong.bin Yonnin Mahjong Pyuuta JPN


Known Cartridges Currently Not Archived...

We are always constantly seeking out new archival images as they appear online.  As more are released the archive will be updated.  At the time of this release the following known Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta cartridges and cassettes have yet to be archived.

Game Title
GajiGoji UNRELEASED Pyuuta Game Pyuuta JPN
Jack In The Box UNRELEASED Pyuuta Game Pyuuta JPN

Game Title
Color Graphics Demo None None JPN
Demonstration Cartridge None Pyuuta JPN
Demonstration Cartridge None Tutor USA
G-BASIC Demo None None JPN

Game Title
Booby Prize Quiz Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Dash! 100 Meters Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Field Horse Racing Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Moon Landing Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Mouse's Cheese-Stealing Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Out-Puzzle Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Rescue Copter Jr. Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Ski Jumping Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN
Tag (Jintori) Data Recorder Cassette Game Pyuuta JPN


Known Cartridges Currently Not Archived But Shown as Dumped at

Although archival images of the following cartridges have not been located and may not be currently available, they are shown as dumped on the "Needed Games To Be Dumped" listing.  This list should be treated as a "dumped but not yet released" listing.  As soon as the cartridge images are obtained they will be added to a future release.

Game Title


Help Expand This Archive! Calling All Tutor and Pyuuta Owners...

The main goal of this archive is to preserve the contents of the stock Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta software library.  Primarily this is accomplished by maintaining a current archive of clean cartridge ROM data images.  However we would like to do a little more than that.  Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta documentation and instruction booklets can be even more scarce than the game cartridges.  At present there is absolutely no serious drive to properly archive this documentation.  Sure a few scans and pictures can be found here and there but the quality is lacking and they are not complete.  High quality archival of documentation is a secondary goal of this archive.

If you have Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta boxes, manuals, instruction booklets, inserts and the like - we are requesting high quality scans.  Eventually we would like to provide clean, 1-to-1, .pdf files of every Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta instruction booklet and manual.  If you have, have access to, or would be willing to provide high quality scans of documentation, please contact me at  Currently we are archiving the "Your Tomy Tutor Computer" manual, in its entirety, front and back.  Eventually this will be provided as a .pdf file within this archive.  However we need help with the other documentation.  Remember, quality is the key.  Let's all work together as Tutor / Pyuuta enthusiasts and get this stuff properly archived while we are able.  Everyone that contributes to the archive will be credited right here.  Again, please contact the project leader at  Thank you.

Possible Changes In Next Version...

Addition of currently unavailable cartridge images.  For the foreseeable future, this release should be considered "complete" as it features archival dumps of every commercially released cartridge.

Revisions Over Previous Versions...

Additions In Release 5 (09/04/2016):

Additions In Release 4 (01/24/2016):

Additions In Release 3 (01/11/2016):

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Additions In Release 2 (01/10/2016):

Additions In Release 1 (01/29/2013):

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