Archived Site News

This is the archive of all past site news.  The site news updates are related to the central hub itself and any other important updates.  Please note that many parts of have their own news archives, these are simply the updates that are found on the main page in the past, the ones that deal with the entire site itself.


Archived Site News After 2013 News Format Change:

02/18/2019:  Index updates have been few and far between but previous discussed projects are still in work.  The Retrogaming Times continues to meet its bi-monthly release schedule and 2019 will begin our fourth year since returning to publication.

Davy's Anime Archives (currently offline) is still the first section of the site slated for complete overhaul and replacement.  That's still in process.  After that, David's Video Game Insanity will begin its rework as it becomes an archive as reviews are revisited for inclusion in The Retrogaming Times as new content.  As I have said in the past, I own so much less video game stuff these days, and DVGI was primarily a database during the boom era of second-hand video game sales (yard sales, flea markets).  The lists there will be removed with the rest of the content (reviews, editorials, tutorials, etc.) left in place as an archive.

07/10/2018:  Today marks the 14th anniversary of!  This day also brings with it some much needed alterations to the main index.  The last remnants of the have been removed, an idea that never really got going.  Additionally the video programming directory has been changed to reflect all video programming on the InsaneDavid YouTube channel, as again the bi-weekly show never really got going.

Davy's Anime Archives has been taken offline as I've once again decided to change focus there.  A new cosplay-specific section is in the works, a counterpart to the Facebook page I've maintained on the subject for a couple years now.  The old Davy's Anime Archives review content (itself that never got going) will reemerge over there as it's all related.  Once the cosplay section is up and running, it will replace the Anime Archives completely.

Pretty much everything else is in a holding pattern during the reorganization.  Bob Seger Thursdays will be returning as YouTube has changed how it handles music copyright and licensing, restoring a lot of music to official uploads.

Additionally the fifteenth issue of The Retrogaming Times, which hosts, has been published.
Thank you for fourteen wonderful years at - although our presentation has changed many times, our focus remains the same - fun.

04/09/2018:  Still catching up to get site features up to date.  Classic Plastic video programming should be reworked sometime this week to the new archive.  Additionally Davy's Anime Archives will have its reformat completed within the next two weeks as well.  This time of the year my focus is more on the upcoming local anime convention and cosplay work.

03/03/2018:  We've been lagging behind with keeping the index updated lately.  Huge apologies for that.  As more attention is paid to The Retrogaming Times, there has been less of a push to develop content for David's Video Game Insanity.  This is a good thing however, as in turn it means the content will reach more people.  Even the master list section of DVGI needs to be retooled as I've massively reduced the amount of my gaming inventory over the years, preferring to move to flash cartridges.

Unfortunately this update is to talk about more stuff that is going to be removed.  Essentially the Classic Plastic video programming will be removed shortly and reworked into an index of InsaneDavid's YouTube content.  Classic Plastic The Show never really had the push behind it that it needed and the desire to make more of what it is really isn't there.  Davy's Anime Archives is still in a period of transition and I do believe it'll become more of an otaku blog of sorts more than anything else.  It'll still be a plain html page because I like the full and simple control, but will be more along the lines of general content and musings.

Bob Seger Thursdays is slated to come back as the YouTube blocking of most of Mr. Seger's music seems to have eased up.  Although an attempt will be made, it may not occur every week, but it should get rolling with more regularity.

But it's not all sadness and changes.  The thirteenth issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.  Go check it out as The Retrogaming Times staff has put together an excellent issue as always.

08/18/2017:  Some changes to the main index here as the long defunct chat room link has been removed.  Additionally we've backed away from an interconnected link exchange with other sites.  The site FAQ will be updated to reflect this change shortly.

07/27/2017:  We've been playing a bit of catch-up around here lately.  The main index here and our flagship sites have been pretty dead as of late.  This is mainly due to a number of special projects pulling away from writing time.  Additionally when there is time to focus it tends to go into columns for The Retrogaming Times.  I still plan on reworking the Anime Archives heavily but haven't really gotten anything going on that front.  Additionally the 18th anniversary of Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is this month!  I still have plans for a few things but then that site will go back into a holding pattern - which is kind of the point of it anyway.

I also have a new project that will be launching in a couple weeks.  It will be hosted externally but an archive will be kept here.  More on that after it gets going.

07/01/2017:  The ninth issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.

01/07/2017:  The sixth issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.
The end of 2016 was a pretty busy mess so other hosted sites were neglected.  Some new year housekeeping will be done on many of them in the coming week, with the changes to Davy's Anime Archives rolling out first.  This is basically a complete change of that site's focus so it will take a little time to settle into a routine.  Most of the game lists at David's Video Game Insanity are incredibly out of date as collecting tastes have changed so that should be updated soon as well.  Reviews there have nearly come to a halt as when push comes to shove the same developed content would reach more people in The Retrogaming Times, so that's where most of the work has been done.  Reviews will still be published at DVGI but an expectation of regular updates there at this time simply isn't feasible.

The push for 2017 is to get back to weekly content updates, no matter how small, within at least one hosted site.

09/04/2016:  Today the Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set - Release 5 has been uploaded.  This is a big one as at this time every commercially released Tutor and Pyuuta game has been archived and their ROM dumps are included in the Release 5 package.  Head over to the Gamers Helpline to read the documentation and download the package.

09/01/2016:  The fourth issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.

07/02/2016:  The third issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.  Additionally the Friday night chat room has been disabled and will be disabled permanently.  There are a couple reasons for this, first being that I don't have the availability to be in there as I would like and the other is that the system for it isn't as robust as I would like.  The changes and updates to Davy's Anime Archives haven't happened yet but are in work.

05/09/2016:  Over the next few days Davy's Anime Archives will be given a fresh overhaul with a change in direction.  A couple years ago the intention was to gravitate toward it primarily becoming a cosplay information repository.  This was actually well under way and David wrote a ton about his Taizo Hori (Dig Dug) and Masuyo Tobi (Baraduke) cosplay, which premiered in 2014.  However as the massive page got further and further underway, a step was taken back and the realization was made that no one would want to read all of that.  The new idea is to break that massive feature down into smaller stories about individual parts of different cosplay.  Anime reviews and rants will also start to show up there, hopefully.  A crazy thing about all that, especially cosplay, is available time is generally spent working on the hobby - rather than documenting personal occurances with the hobby.  The animation cel archives will also be removed as they are so out of date.

05/01/2016:  Some minor indexing changes and updates over at David's Video Game Insanity have been completed.  Additionally the second issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.

04/28/2016:  A very important Bob Seger Thursdays update as that part of the site looks at the possibility of shutting down.

04/07/2016:  I looked in Miami, I looked in Negril... but I should have looked at Bob Seger Thursdays. Remember this Thursday and EVERY Thursday is Bob Seger Thursday at!  This week: The Famous Final Scene, from Night Moves (1978).

03/03/2016: Gaze upon the Sunburst over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

02/29/2016: A quick catch-up.  Bob Seger Thursdays returns THIS Thursday.  Additionally the first issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, launches late tonight!  Look for site wide spiffs, fixes and updates this week.

01/24/2016: The Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set has been upgraded once more, to Release 4.  It can be found over at the Gamers Helpline.  This update actually removes the scans and pictures from the previous release as they are not up to the quality that the project aims to present.

01/11/2016: The Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set has been upgraded yet again, to Release 3.  It can be found over at the Gamers Helpline.  Although Release 2 was uploaded just yesterday, Release 3 adds six new cartridge images and a whole bunch of scans and pictures.  Cartridge images included this time are some of the hard to find ones such as Mystery Gold, Mr. Do!, Triple Command, Rescue Copter and more!  I don't expect this release to be overtaken for awhile as the remaining cartridges are some of the more difficult to obtain.

01/10/2016: Looks like 2015 screamed right by without much content here at all.  Before anything else, there is a big update today.  The Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set has been upgraded to Release 2.  It can be found over at the Gamers Helpline.  Release 2 adds four new cartridge images including the elusive Don Pan.  We're getting closer to a full cartridge set all the time.

As for the site itself, over the next few weeks David's Video Game Insanity will have the general new year housekeeping taken care of as well as some heavy game list changes as a lot of games were sold off in late 2015.  Things have been extremely hectic and busy around here and that doesn't look like it's going to subside until into February.  At that point it'll be time for career changes and a whole pile of other stuff that will more than likely take away from time here.  I do want to state that isn't going anywhere and while I have ideas for fresh content, at this time I simply don't have the time to bring them to fruition.  These breaks in content updates seem to be getting wider and wider and all I can say is that it is my goal to, at the very least, get updates to be more meaty and more frequent.

05/07/2015: Bob Seger Thursdays is Comin' Home after months of inactivity.

05/02/2015: Things got a little odd for for awhile there but we are back.  The contributing factors to the time away are too widespread and uninteresting to dwell on so instead let's just jump right back in to the day to day around here!  David's Video Game Insanity has had the long overdue year end housekeeping complete as well as the game lists updated.  Gamers Helpline has had some retrofits.  Film Bias reviews Furious 7 and has also had some retrofits.  Friday Night Chats will resume 5/8.  Other parts of the site are still awaiting overhaul and update but will be updated soon.  Additionally the general weekly content updates will begin to resume next Thursday.

09/18/2014: Accomp'ny yourself over to Bob Seger Thursdays.

09/04/2014: Think about things 20 Years From Now at Bob Seger Thursdays.

08/01/2014: Previously announced updates to the Anime Archives have been put on hold as the new addition is being expanded and spun off into its own feature site.  Hopefully that will be up shortly.

07/31/2014: Head up to those high rollin' hills with Hollywood Nights at Bob Seger Thursdays.

07/24/2014: Oh blame it on midnight with Shame On The Moon at Bob Seger Thursdays.  Anime Archives updates coming this weekend.  DVGI images update coming tomorrow.

07/10/2014: Ten years ago today I made the first content upload to, a central hub and new home for my handful of web pages that survived the end of free webpage hosting at the start of the 21st Century.  If I could go back and do it all over again, the only change I would make would be to update the site more often.  Within the past few years Sailor Senshi Sanctuary (SSS) was revived and restored here at  SSS was my first real website, created five years before was established, and having it back has meant more to me than I think anyone could realize.  Sure it's old and not very useful these days but it lives on as a part of my past that I can visit at my leisure.  Also, yes, it will be updated again this year.

Bob Seger Thursdays was created over a year ago to ensure that my goal of weekly content updates would be met and for the most part it has done just that.  Davy's Anime Archives are currently being retooled and feature a new cosplay section, which went live today, as I get back into the hobby.  Film Bias was a much needed addition that gave me some space to write about something other than gaming during a period where I was feeling burned out.  Film Bias is also currently being slightly retooled to ensure more frequent updates.  Gamer's Helpline serves a dual purpose.  First was a place to upload secrets and hints as I either found or used them in games as the forums I once frequented for such are no longer used much.  Second as a place to offer important files, similar to the old Programs / Utilities section from back when first started.

However, David's Video Game Insanity continues to be the spotlight feature here.  I still get e-mails about once a week about a feature or other information at DVGI.  With my retirement from writing for Retrogaming Times Monthly, DVGI should get a lot more content going forward.  On this day my RTM articles archive is now 100% caught up with everything I ever submitted to the newsletter.  I wish nothing but the best for the continuation of RTM but I really need to step away for awhile until a better publishing structure is implemented there.
Thank you very much to everyone who has visited over the past ten years.  You are the reason the site continues to operate.

With that, I leave with the last thing I wrote on the first day of's operation - " is continuously updated and added to, please make sure to bookmark this main page and return soon!"

07/03/2014: It Seems Real At The Time over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

06/19/2014: Like A Rock, Bob Seger Thursdays returns.

05/15/2014: Bob Seger Thursdays updates every week! Our apologies for not updating the main index the last couple of times.

04/17/2014: Bob Seger Thursdays returns with Blind Love off The Fire Inside.

04/03/2014: Bob Seger Thursdays features We've Got Tonight.

03/20/2014: Try to catch up with Sunspot Baby, over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

03/13/2014: Bob Seger Thursdays finally returns after a series of unexpected delays.

02/20/2014: The title track off Back in '72, this week atBob Seger Thursdays.

02/13/2014: Unreleased for many years, it's Bob Seger's cover of Downtown Train at Bob Seger Thursdays.

02/06/2014: Rare track off a rare album, it's Cross of Gold at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/30/2014: We've got a Fine Memory for you over at Bob Seger Thursdays, a day late due to an uploading issue.

01/23/2014: I've Been Working goes up for a spin at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/16/2014: Time for some Little Victories at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/12/2014: King Salmon "The Big Catch" for Sega Genesis has been reviewed over at DVGI.  Will Hot-B's second deviation from their bass fishing formula yield a game as enjoyable as The Blue Marlin?

01/09/2014: Betty Lou is gettin' out and gettin' down over at Bob Seger Thursdays.

01/04/2014: Film Bias reviews Apollo 18, Rampart, and The Lone Ranger.

01/03/2014: General housekeeping as we roll over into 2014.  Content was light through the end of 2013 but some new things are on the way.  Friday Night Chats resume next Friday, 1/10/14 - come join us!

01/02/2014: The new year begins for Bob Seger Thursdays with James, Jesse off Smokin' O.P.'s (1972).

09/29/2013: If you haven't noticed, Bob Seger Thursdays has returned after a scheduled hiatus.

07/28/2013: The video game section at Sailor Senshi Sanctuary has been completely revamped with new content and additional downloads.

06/30/2013: Film Bias reviews Glengarry Glen Ross, Street Fighter, Hot Coffee, The Game, F/X, and Barton Fink.  Friday Night Chat for this week and the week after has been canceled due to the holiday weekend and California Extreme arcade show the weekend after.  It will return on 7/19.

05/17/2013: Film Bias reviews Iron Man 3.  Friday Night Chat for tonight has been canceled.  It will be canceled for next week as well due to FanimeCon 2013 but will return on 5/31.

05/05/2013: DVGI image archives have been updated to include better navigation as well as new images.  This will allow image updates to be completed easier which means a greater frequency of updates.  Additionally this update marks a change at - namely that we are going to attempt some kind of new content be posted every week at one of our hosted sites.  It may be a review at DVGI, maybe some scans at Sailor Senshi Sanctuary, maybe something at Film Bias or the Anime Archives.  Either way, every week there will be new content here in addition to the weekly Bob Seger Thursdays update.  This main index area will also be updated to reflect where the new content is.  So check back every week, right here, to see what's new!

04/28/2013:  Season three of our video program, Classic Plastic, has been posted.  The format should remain the same throughout this year with the same equipment for the foreseeable future.  Friday Night Chats return starting on May 3rd from 9:00 pm - 9:45 pm Pacific. See you there!

Archived Site News Prior To 2013 News Format Change:

01/17/2013:  Our new identity roll-out is well underway and should be completed very shortly.  Today we launch the as a way to categorize interests throughout and abroad.  This means that eventually we would like to feature sites that aren't necessarily hosted at as part of a larger network.  This should explain the new category index where each site within the with be categorized by interest.  If you have an interest site that falls under one of our categories and would like to be featured as part of the, then please contact us directly.  Being part of the network means that you get a direct link on the main index of in exchange for featuring the related small identity badge somewhere on your main index.  The badge should link back here, eventually establishing a network of interest sites with fun and entertainment in mind.  Other categories will come online over time and if you have a site that falls outside of what is currently established but are still interested, let us know.  Over time the main index at will feature sites both hosted by as well as network sites hosted externally, re-establishing as what it was originally meant to be, a hub.

01/03/2013: Can I just say that the past year has screamed by at an amazing pace?  I mean it.  Before I know it, here we are at the start of another year.  Unfortunately a number of ideas and features planned for 2012 didn't come to fruition but that doesn't mean that we are inactive.  I have been doing a little tinkering here and there but most of that has to do with making the site easier to update.  This weekend DVGI will be receiving some formatting updates, namely removing the tables from pages where they have become unnecessary.  Additionally the game lists will be refreshed as they are quite out of date and I'll be catching up with some of the article archival.  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary will also have some housekeeping tended to and a few sections refreshed.  Classic Plastic - The Show recently wrapped up its second season and a third season will begin shortly.  Yes, we'll still be using our rapidly falling apart equipment for the shoots.  I have larger plans involving changes with that but they will not come into play until late 2013.  With that, let us get 2013 off to a great start.

01/02/2012:  We're trying to play catch-up after "life" got really busy for a few months there.  The new year brings with it a return to form with new, dare I say weekly, content at David's Video Game Insanity.  Over the past couple months I've completed a massive downsizing of my collection and in turn I've been playing and enjoying a lot more games.  Look for new content at DVGI and other surprises ahead!

06/13/2011:  Classic Plastic, the bi-monthly video series has officially begun!  You may see Insane Team staff from David's Video Game Insanity on Classic Plastic, in fact David and Ian will be your primary hosts as we get things rolling.  If you have any questions or comments about Classic Plastic, either contact us directly or leave a comment on whatever video service you watch the show at (currently only youtube but we may expand as things continue).

05/27/2011:  Some changes are in the works as we near the seven year anniversary of  Namely the removal of some old site features that haven't been touched in nearly as long as the site has been operational.  Additionally there's now a quick navigation area up above which should make things easier for first time visitors.

Also you may notice one of the quick links above doesn't go anywhere and also that it is titled "Classic Plastic Video Program."  That's because an online series titled Classic Plastic will be premiering in mid June.  The program will be hosted by David and Ian of DVGI and will feature quick, 10 minute episodes, released every few weeks.  Give us ten minutes, we'll give you gaming how it used to be - low resolution and to the point.

02/02/11: A couple cool announcements.  First, on January 31st David's Video Game Insanity celebrated its ten year anniversary!  I kick off the celebration with a recommitment to creating new content this year and keeping that biggest part of the site up to date.

For normal site news I have the usual updates to David's Video Game Insanity as well as some housekeeping updates over at Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  I plan on adding some content to SSS this year as well as finally get the site's media archives back up and running.

09/03/10:  New title graphic!  About time, isn't it?  The original graphic was made from a picture I took long ago of some of my video games piled up.  I always wanted to go back and change it around a little but the clean original image was lost to editing and a poor backup.  Back then my big graphical thing was to add blurring to everything.  Really, looking back every graphic I made for anything back then had some kind of blur.  Look at the DVGI title graphic for instance.  Or the title over at my blog.  Speaking of that, my blog will undergo yet another change in the next couple hours, becoming less themed and going back to blogging rants not aimed squarely about video games.  I need the outlet I suppose, so that I'll keep things game related here.  Getting back to the title graphic here for a moment, the new one is a fresh take on the old image.  To me, a pile of games, accessories and consoles that has always been featured as the title graphic of this site explains what it's all about with a single picture.

05/17/10:  After being about four years out of date, the main FAQ has been updated.  It can be read by clicking on the "Frequently Asked Questions" cartridge on the main menu.  Not a whole lot has changed but Sailor Senshi Sanctuary had yet to be resurrected when the previous update to the FAQ had taken place.

04/12/10:  The Anime Archives have finally been brought up to date.  It seems I was about a year behind with the updates over there.  On top of that I had some information posted incorrectly, just a mistake I didn't catch from when I cleaned up the animation cels page last time.

11/08/09:  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary returns today, over ten years after it was originally created and over seven years after it was forced offline.  SSS is my old Sailor Moon site and it was also my first large scale web project.  The site has been restored to how it was when it disappeared many years ago.  Go take a look.

03/08/09:  If no one has realized yet, I don't update this main index page very often.  However plenty has been going on at David's Video Game Insanity, which is the main site of anyway.  I plan on adding a few new features to the site when time allows however.  I need to do a rework of my Anime Archives, make it something more than just a display of my anime cels.  Also there are a few surprises in the works for this year if I can pull them off.  I've simply been very busy with DVGI and other things, that's all.  Also RTM, the newsletter I contribute to, has had some rocky times which has taken a lot out of all of us.  However that's pretty much been taken care of recently and I have a restored vigor for writing, so stick around - it should be fun

01/02/08:  New year, same site.  That's right, there are no real big changes for the site in 2008, only continuing additions as usual.  I've lagged behind with updates at DVGI but that has been mainly due to the holidays, this will change shortly.  I may have to provide updates in large bursts due to an upcoming change outside of the site.  Sometime in early 2008 I will be relocating so there will be a few weeks in limbo probably beginning sometime in February.  However the moment things return to normal, such will be noted here.  That's ahead though so in the mean time let's continue to enjoy the world of video games and pop culture insanity!

07/11/07:  Still pretty busy after all this time but site updates have continued to slowly roll along at David's Video Game Insanity.  The Summer heat was bad for about a week but over the past couple days cooler temperatures have allowed me to write some real content and keep things moving. is now in its third year of being your source for video game insanity!  Thank you to all those who visit and revisit the site, you are the primary reason that it continues to exist.  Be sure to check back often for new content.

01/02/07:  I've been far busier over the past couple months than I had assumed.  Because of this site updates have suffered.  I have a little time at the top of this week so expect some updates to go live today.  Nothing huge but I do want to add some things.  Star Tours Info and Built For Speed have had some minor tweaks put in place.  The animation cel page over at Davy's Anime Archives was updated last week.  DVGI will have an editorial update explaining some things as well as a newly archived RTM article.  I would like to do some additional DVGI writing but the February RTM article needs to be written while I have the time.  Speaking of February, by then I hope to have things back under control here.  Until then, updates will be few and far between.

09/07/06:  Here come the holidays and as usual more site work is done around this time than any other.  Things are a little different this year however as I have once again secured employment.  So for the immediate future things are a little uncertain as I don't know how much time I'll have to work on things here.  This period should only last a couple weeks until I can get myself a solid schedule for working on the site figured out.  My obligation to Retrogaming Times Monthly comes before anything I write here but that shouldn't be any kind of problem.  Well honestly my personal life comes first but no one cares about that.  I'll try to keep to the one update per week minimum for DVGI but we all know that things do get in the way.

09/07/06:  I'm back from my summer away so things here are beginning to get back to normal.  That includes the weekly update upload at David's Video Game Insanity.  This weekend the battery of DVGI updates will return and hopefully the trend will continue every week now that temperatures are beginning to cool down.  Thank you once again for sticking with us through the summer months.

06/11/06:  This is an important announcement about this summer at which will effect all sites under the umbrella.  Beginning on the 18th of June, I will be away for weeks at a time with limited e-mail access.  There will still be a support staff making sure the site is accessible but there will be no updates or new content while I am away.  Upon my return every couple weeks for a one week duration, I will update the site (namely David's Video Game Insanity) with new content.  I will still have e-mail access while away, limited as it will be, so e-mails will be responded to as promptly as possible.  In other words a drought in site updates and new content for the next few months does NOT mean that the site has disbanded.  We are simply on temporary hiatus over the course of this summer and updates are going to be sparse until September rolls around.  Take it easy this summer everyone and thank you again for visiting - your source for video game insanity!

05/04/06:  The temperature is starting to get warmer which means that I'm putting the site into "Summer mode" a little earlier this year.  This means that there may be occasional delays in updates, however the content will be up eventually.  I will still make a serious attempt to keep weekly content updates at DVGI going as they have been over the past couple months - new stuff each week.  I simply wanted to announce this publicly here before I get a backlog of e-mails or anything.

03/25/06:  Just a few quick changes to this main index page.  There is now a direct link to Gear Up @, the store at Cafepress.  Additionally there are some new products there and the pricing schemes are now correct in that only one dollar or less profit is made on any item.  Please take a look.

03/13/06:  I've went through and updated Built For Speed, the Stray Cats lyric archive.  There are now ads on each page but they are unobtrusive as the others that are sprinkled around key pages here at  If you find the sponsors on the ads interesting, please click them. content has always been free of popups, registration, or cost to you the end user - I'd like to keep it that way and Google Ads are one of the ways that can be maintained.  I've also changed the Built For Speed linking graphic to the right.  Now it's time to get back into review mode for David's Video Game Insanity.

01/31/06:  In keeping with my original plan of having all my web projects in one place, Star Tours Info joins the rest of the features here.  Originally the data there was at but I have decided it would be better if it was located here.  Take a look for the most comprehensive guide to the Disneyland Star Tours attraction.

01/13/06:  I've completed a long overdue update to the FAQ file.  Also a link for Sailor Senshi Sanctuary has returned, hopefully it'll be back this summer.

01/08/06:  The ads are now fully in place and everything seems to be running smoothly, I'll be updating the FAQ soon.

01/04/06:  It took awhile but Built For Speed, my unofficial Stray Cats lyrics archive is now online and active.  Please take a look because it was quite an undertaking to clean up and transcribe the lyrics.  I created the archive because I was fed up with lyric sites that were filled with popups and spam.

You may also notice that now certain parts of contain a Google ads window.  These ads are safe to be displayed on your computer and I hope they are unobtrusive.  I decided to implement them to help to pay for hosting as I have visions of expanding the site over this year into the summer.  Thanks again for visiting as enters the new year.

12/08/05:  With 2005 winding to a close it's time for a few changes here.  First off our data storage site,, has been relinquished - it will not be renewed for another year.  Thereby from this date forward is not longer associated with us,, a site I also maintain, will be folded into in Spring 2006.  It was always my intention to move it here but now there is an official date.  Additionally some other site features should come back online in the Spring and Summer of 2006.  These include the Programs / Utilities section, a revamped Sailor Senshi Sanctuary, the Unofficial Stray Cats Lyrics Archive and so forth.  Some of these new and/or returning features are ready to go, many are still in development.  There are also a few additions I'm considering but have not be finalized.

09/24/05:  Summer comes to a close and with that the hot temperatures do as well.  That means I can get back to having weekly content updates at David's Video Game Insanity and more of them. Also means that the smaller parts of such as the Anime Archives can be updated more frequently.

I want to take a moment to mention another site I recently set up and got moving,  It's basically the source for all information concerning the original Star Tours attraction at Disneyland.

That's about it for now, be sure to check back and thank you again for visiting and continuing to show huge support for this small site.

07/04/05:  Well here we are, it's July and that means is now one year old.  A lot has happened in this past year but the site has continued to grow and things will only get better from this point forward.  There are a couple very exciting site features that are coming up later this year as well as continual updates to David's Video Game Insanity! If you've noticed, certain parts of the site have already begun these refinements.  Also there will be some restructuring at DVGI later this summer to make navigation even easier as well as many additional features.

On a final note, as the temperature increases I will have less and less time to work on site features.  The area where my computer terminals are simply gets way too hot for most of the day.  In other words site features will continue to be worked on but only when it is cool enough, this may also delay e-mail replies.

Thank you again for visiting and continuing to show huge support for this small site.

05/07/05:  Thank you everyone for understanding and listening to my requests concerning only uploading updates weekly and not direct linking to images and site features.  With the changes made to the site to clean up the file system as well as the removal of the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary and streamlining of certain features, our bandwidth usage in April was back down to a hair over 185MB.  I know lots of people were direct linking to the PlayStation 2 cleaning tutorial images but I'm going to change up their file names and locations periodically to prevent this and all images that were being linked to have been watermarked and their locations and names changed.

The weekly upload model is working out great, only giving the bandwidth a hit once a week when the uploads go out.  Remember that I work on the site throughout the week but the updates aren't made available until the following weekend.  Thank you again for visiting and helping keep it running smoothly.

04/02/05:  About half way through March had its hosting suspended due to exceeding our bandwidth limit.  Since I don't plan on increasing the monthly bandwidth plan until sometime this summer there are a number of changes going into effect.  First the Programs / Utilities section will remain offline.  Second the truncated Sailor Senshi Sanctuary has been removed.  While there aren't any character pictures there I do have a large amount of scans and merchandise pictures that take a tremendous hit on bandwidth.  Sailor Senshi Sanctuary is set to return, in all its former glory, when I increase my hosting model after this summer.  Davy's Anime Archives has been redesigned from the back end to load more efficiently.  There have also been a large number of changes to David's Video Game Insanity mostly concerning better origination of documents and removal of unused, old, or alternate images.  However you won't see any differences, it's all technical junk on the back end.  Lastly I may end up serving unobtrusive Google ads here on the main page to help bleed off hosting costs.  Remember that I plan on restoring the now missing features once I beef up hosting but as things sit now the main parts of are as they have always been.

03/11/05:  Traffic continues to be extremely heavy so I've disabled the Programs / Utilities section until further notice.  If the usage rate doesn't begin (and continue) to drop then I'll have to remove the Sailor Senshi Sanctuary as well.  Sometime this summer I'm going to beef up the server bandwidth but currently that simply is not an option.

02/23/05:  It seems traffic has been pretty heavy as of late, both to David's Video Game Insanity as well as Sailor Senshi Sanctuary.  Is this one of the few sites left that still has a working download of WS_FTP LE?  It sure seems that way because the download from here has been pretty popular.  If you have a site and use the program PLEASE download it and upload it to your webspace to help cut down on my bandwidth usage.  Thanks for visiting!

11/11/04:  The previously noted planned updates to David's Video Game Insanity have been completed.  Now David's Video Game Insanity is finally at version 4.0 - please check the "News and Updates" page over at DVGI for more details.

The holidays are on the way and that means our annual game sales rush here at (formerly only David's Video Game Insanity!!) so be sure to go over to David's Video Game Insanity and check out the "For Sale" section to see what's at the DVGI Storefront.  During this time offers are considered on EVERYTHING so look over what's for sale, pick out some items, and e-mail me with your requested price.  I'm sure we can work something out.

11/04/04:  My anime archives are now up, or at least they are for the most part.  Additionally now I have an area for archived site news.  After every fourth news update I will transfer all of them over to the archives.

The next update in the way of site restructure will take place over at David's Video Game Insanity, possibly sometime before the end of the year.  It will have to do with the game archival pages, mainly making them easier to read and update as well as replacing some terribly out of date graphics.

09/08/04:  The Frequently Asked Questions file is now up, finally.  Now I just need to do the news archive and the Anime Archives.

08/23/04:  The summer comes to an end this weekend as a number of my assistants for other parts of the site head back to school.  The 3.0 graphical roll out is now complete including the final missing graphics here and a link button at the bottom of this page, if you want to link to please post the link button on your site.

07/30/04:  Programs / Utilities section is now completely active, I'm working at getting the other features implemented as soon as possible.

07/28/04:  The 2.0 graphical roll out is now complete.  Navigation from the main page is far cleaner and more efficient and now follows the style I originally wished to create.  The graphics took me quite a while to design and complete so no reusing them please.  Everything but the sprites are, after all, copyrighted works.

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