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05/01/2021: The Thirty-Second Issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.

: The Gamers Helpline has had an update to the Tomy Tutor / Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set.  In addition to adding a missing BIOS file, the documentation has been expanded and some housekeeping has been performed to the archive.

Additionally, apologies for the news updates not being posted as frequently as they have been actually occurring.

: Today David's Video Game Insanity begins to transition to a limited archive as many site features have been removed.  Much of the site that was still active / frequented will be spun off into separate subsites that will be hosted here on the main hub.  Things have changed a lot over the past six or so years at DVGI and the time has come to finally begin to close it down and reinvest its content into other areas of the site.

: Sixteen years ago today, officially went online.  Site features are continuing to be consolidated although the roll out has been much slower than anticipated, especially with how strange this year has been thus far.  That said, we're still here, still active, and still responding to all inquires.  Thank you for sixteen outstanding years!

07/02/2020: The Twenty-Seventh Issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published.

11/09/2019: The Twenty-Third Issue of The Retrogaming Times, hosted at, has been published. Site Directory / Topic Index:

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